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Harrods sought a way to upskill their Brand Partnership team in intangible transferrable skills that would boost their ability to operate more proactively as a team and think innovatively about relationship building in their roles.

I loved how interactive this session was!

- Participant


Through immersion meetings, 1.1 stakeholder interviews and physical site visits to Harrods, TST designed and delivered a bespoke face-to-face experience for Harrods’ Brand Partnership Team, which consisted of a range of participants from all levels of seniority.

The interactive upskilling day covered three topics: Learning to Unlearn, Creativity, and Influencing. Each session was anchored to a specific theme to bring the content to life in accordance with TST’s unique delivery approach. From a nearly-impossible challenge involving a bike that taught participants the value in failure, to a fast-paced team Lego building activity, the human-centered design approach ensured the learning was sticky and memorable for all participants.


Multi modal in format, the full-day skills session was hosted by TST facilitators who shared the responsibility of delivering the interactive components as well as teaching the theories and new models the learners were exposed to. The learnings were grounded in how they could be applied to practical Harrods’ examples, as well as opportunities for senior leaders to share their experience of how the skills that were being discussed are mastered in a workplace setting. Moments of group and individual reflection time ensured that the learning had tangible outputs in the form of commitments written and then displayed around the room for all to see.

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