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bp sought to break the mould in student hiring. Existing initiatives at bp no longer provided sufficient engagement or attracted talent at scale, and campus talks weren’t differentiating bp enough in the market. As a result, bp needed to overhaul what their employment brand had to offer. They needed a radical solution to become trailblazers in graduate attraction, with an initiative that would get bp noticed as innovators in the early talent space and as pioneering investors in skills and education.


+ WINNER: Best Innovation in Attraction, 2020
+ WINNER: Recruitment Innovation, 2019
+ WINNER: Best Innovation in Student Recruitment, 2019


Through close collaboration, TST identified that bp’s ambition of a broader strategic realignment towards ethical business was not just about reimagining the future of energy, but the future of talent. As a result, bp moved beyond traditional recruitment thinking and focused on future skills as an attraction offering that would make them stand out.

Deep research involving hundreds of stakeholders allowed us to identify the skills of the future. Together, we constructed a syllabus consisting of five skills for leaders of the future: critical problem solving, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence, communicating with influence, and innovation. To equip students with these skills, we built a dynamic digital learning platform—accessible anywhere in the world, on any device, to anyone, for free

Designed using immersive and gamified learning techniques, the initiative comprised an online, on-demand, self-driven, accessible, bite-sized learning ecosystem that felt powerful and personal, with a supporting social media campaign to spread the word of the pioneering project. The Skills Refinery is now in its third iteration and continues to impact the lives of millions around the world. See it here.


A personalised landing portal allowed students to continuously self assess and track their progress as they developed and improved. Over 1.3 million students were reached through social channels, with over 2500 students from 42 countries signing up to the full journey.

In recognition of bp's mission to equip young people with key skills needed for the future of work, the project was featured in the UK Department for Education's Graduate Employment and Skills Guide in 2021.

“Skills refinery has elevated our global capability in Future Skills to be more ambitious and creative.
- Global Head of Innovation and Attraction, bp

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