Reimagining Internships


lululemon invited The Smarty Train to collaborate on creating a pilot for their brand-new IDEA Global Internship Program (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Action).

lululemon wanted to create a programme that attracted a global audience of emerging and early talent to join not only the organisation, but the organisation's vision for the future.

The programme scope initially included interns based in Seattle, Vancouver and Melbourne, with the longer-term objective of expanding to include China, EMEA and APAC. It needed to showcase invaluable, industry-leading skills for each intern's future career, be it at lululemon or elsewhere. 

"I love that we are being shown skills that many of us might not have known or been able to develop otherwise."

- Participant


Working closely with lululemon to understand their vision and hope for their new interns, TST shaped the programme architecture and identity of their 12-week programme.

Through immersive workshops and weekly collaboration calls with lululemon, TST designed and delivered a bespoke 120-minute launch session and three 90-minute soft-skills sessions that spanned the programme.

The programme began with an immersive and co-delivered launch event, which seamlessly weaved together lululemon culture and norms with essential soft-skills training. The event used the principles of storytelling, coupled with small group collaboration and discussions, to create a strong sense of community and purpose among the interns and with lululemon's culture and values.


Following the launch event, TST supported lululemon with training sessions that would help support and boost their learning journey. Interns were inspired to embark on their personal quests of career discovery, and equipped with the tools needed to create opportunities and contribute to their communities.

+ 100% of participants felt inspired for their lululemon quest ahead following the launch event.
+ 100% of participants would recommend the sessions to a colleague.
+ 100% of participants agreed that the programme equipped them with the tools they needed to begin their lululemon journey

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