A Toolkit from The Smarty Train

Level Up Your Line Managers

of managers experienced burnout in 2021
of leaders are overworked or stressed
of leaders wish they didn't have to manage people

Line managers’ jobs are ten times harder than they were before COVID.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, engagement ebbs and stress mounts, the pressures on managers will continue to rise.

Should organisations be concerned? It’s no secret that line managers have a disproportionate impact on people engagement and retention: research has shown that 75% of people who voluntarily left their role did so for reasons their line manager could directly influence. Put simply: people don’t leave companies, they leave managers.

Our Line Manager Toolkit uses science and human-centred principles to explore how best to level up your line managers to be higher-performing at a time when a new approach to leadership is sorely needed for organisations to thrive.


  • Level Up Your Line Managers

    5 actionable methods to better support your line managers, including soft skill development, fostering psychological safety, and mapping development journeys

  • How to Initiate Change

    3 tried-and-tested high-impact Line Manager growth and development solutions

  • Accelerated Line Management in Practice

    Supporting case studies from our line management development projects with pioneering global brands


About the authors

Dr Khairunnisa Mohamedali

An award-winning innovator, Khairunnisa has a unique take on organisational culture, innovation and human-centred design. Khairunnisa is The Smarty Train’s Chief Innovation Officer and works cross-sector.


Saj Jetha

An economist, author and founder of The Smarty Train, Saj is adept in finding resolutions for issues to do with recruitment, talent and development. His book, The Smarts (Penguin, 2019), was endorsed by Harvard’s Heidi Gardner and is a best-seller.


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